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Black tea tasting new fashion -- instant black tea
Apr 10, 2018

Instant tea extraction is not simply the beverage concentrate drying line, it must be applied high-tech means to overcome the disadvantage of undissolved, easy deliquescence, no tea, so the essence of instant tea powder technology is the key. Instant tea would have appeared in a few years ago, but may be due to technical reason, such as have not been able to is accepted by the consumers, compared with the original taste of tea natural deviation, and also seems to be limited in the category pu-erh tea and black tea. The latest in the industry is the instant tea, which has the same color, aroma and taste as the original tea without any chemical additions. Instant tea is instant tea is actually a broad categories, but break through the traditional concept of all the technical bottleneck, instant tea is green and is better than blue, caused a stir within the industry and the new wave of consumption. It is faster to dissolve, more scientific, safer and more suitable for cold and heat. Then, I found that instant tea is the great innovation and latest trend of tea industry in the past two years.

Data show that domestic famous instant tea tea brand is the source China instant tea products, a full set of equipment by HuaYan tea research institute and the company jointly developed technology research and development center, pipelining, and in a vacuum environment, realize the production process. Equipment of the main module includes: material pretreatment module, low temperature, high pressure extraction module, material slag separation module, nanofiltration separation module, enrichment module at low temperature, low temperature drying module, quantitative blended powder crystal module, module and so on eight major part. This set of equipment of intelligent automatic operation and implementation, in low temperature pipes are made using biological engineering technology can meet the demand of modernization of the best technology of tea essence products, while maintaining the original tea flavor and benefits, not hot, pesticide residues, heavy metal and other useless or useless ingredients.

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