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How to know freeze dried okra?
Aug 15, 2018

Freeze-dried food is also known as fd food, which refers to rapid freezing, vacuum ice-like dehydration to maximize the color, aroma, nutritional composition and appearance of original fresh food.

Because freeze-drying technology can dehydrate fruits, fruits, fruits and vegetables more than 95%, no preservative is needed for nearly a year, and the finished product is light and easy to carry.

Because the lyophilization technique does not destroy the original tissue structure, it locks in color, aroma, non-frying, non-bulking, and non-barbecuing, with a nutritional retention rate of more than 96 percent. Many of the astronauts' meals use this technique.

Vegetables into snacks, without any chemical raw materials and preservatives, using advanced dehydration's just the water of the vegetables, not the nutrients.the most important thing about freeze dried okra is that it is fresh, crisp, fibrous, slightly salty and slightly sweet, with a layer of smooth pectin like fresh okra.

Freeze Dried Okra

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