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Introduction of instant tea
Apr 10, 2018

Instant tea is one of the instant tea powder, selection of fresh green tea shoots, developed by high-tech QuWuCunJing into each tea essence, namely ready-to-drink, light easy to carry, loved by workers, travelers, fashionistas. Pu 'er tea is a "imported antique". Unlike other teas, it is the "Chen", which tends to appreciate over time. Pu 'er tea belongs to black tea, because of the origin of the old yunnan pu 'er prefecture (now pu 'er city), hence the name. The fragrance is unique and fragrant, taste mellow and sweet. "Yue yuxiang" is widely recognized as the biggest characteristic of pu 'er tea to distinguish other tea types.

Brewing method

The right brew is often twice as good, tastes better, and tastes healthier. Ordinary instant tea powder can be cold drinks, hot drinks.

Cold drink: water temperature control at 0 ~25, fresh.

Hot drinks: 70 ℃ ~ 80 ℃ hot water brew, Chen fragrant.

Water: a small amount of 0.6g tea powder is recommended to be soaked in 200ml hot water.

Water quality: should use pure water, avoid with rich mineral water to brew.

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