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technology of freeze dried lychee
Nov 14, 2018

Lychee trees like high temperature and high humidity, hi-sun is sunny, its hereditary requirement is relatively low temperature during flower bud differentiation, but the lowest temperature will suffer from freezing damage at -2 to -4 °c; the weather is sunny and warm without drying heat, the most favorable, humidity too low, rainy and rainy, dry weather or strong north wind are unfavorable for flowering and pollination. During the flowering period, when encountering unfavorable disaster weather, it will cause falling flowers and even fruit loss.

Lychee is sweet, sour, warm, into the heart, spleen, liver; can stop hiccups, stop diarrhea, is a treat for refractory hiccups and five more diarrhea, while having brain fitness, appetizing spleen, promoting appetite the effect. Because of the hot sex, it is easy to get angry. The lychee wood is solid, elegant in texture and resistant to corrosion. It has always been a top quality name.

Lychee is not easy to store, it is best to eat it when it is fresh. With the development of science and technology, freeze-dried lychee appears. Store in a cool dry place with a temperature below 25 ° c and a humidity of no more than 45%. Gluten-free, soy-free, peanuts, nuts, vegan and kosher certified.

freeze dried lychee

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