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The benefits of four seasons of tea
Apr 10, 2018

Drinking tea in spring is restorative.

Spring in the ventilation of the human body, can choose to have a certain degree of natural fermentation raw or cooked pu-erh tea, mix of puer tea, the tea is both warm and active again, more conducive to send out last winter cold evil in the human body, can promote human body sun be the spirit germinal, energizing, remove the spring fever, enhanced ability to resist disease.

Drinking tea in summer helps to relieve the heat.

Steaming summer sweltering summer weather, the appropriate drinking tea, its taste slightly bitter tea slants cold, heat, heat dissipation, detoxification, spent, fall is thirst, dry, and the function of the strong heart refreshing, raw tea is rich in tea polyphenols, caffeine, amino acids, vitamins and other nutrients, drink both cool them down, again add nutrition effect.

Drinking tea in autumn is strong and healthy.

Autumn weather is dry, "dry air is the order", often make a person dry mouth dry, appropriate drink the puerh tea of the degree of medium rare fermentation, also can raw tea and ripe tea mix, take its two effect. The tea is moderate in drinking, between the raw and ripe tea, not cold and not hot, it is suitable for autumn climate.

Drinking tea in winter is healthy.

Preserve one's health is keep out the cold winter to keep warm, and improve the disease resistance, at this time should be cooked pu-erh tea drink, the color red, brown, warm and full of ripe tea flavor GanWen, sun be the spirit of the good, heat warm belly, can strengthen the complement, add milk and sugar drink fragrance do not change, so as to increase the body's ability to adapt to winter climate. In the ancient book, "the interview with the MAO hall", there is such a narrative: pu 'er tea has "help digestion, dispel cold, have detoxification effect.

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