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The effects of freeze-dried food
Apr 10, 2018

China has a wealth of food resources, the world's largest fruit production, and all kinds of herbal medicines are well known around the world. These are good projects for freeze-drying and processing industry. Meanwhile, China has begun to develop its own freeze-drying equipment. Shenyang aerospace new group, LG newly developed by freeze-drying equipment identification, the aerospace industry corporation performance of its products has reached international level of 90 s, and the price is only about a third of the international similar products. The solution of this hardware problem undoubtedly provides favorable conditions for the popularization of freeze-dried food in China. But can freeze-dried food really be known to the people and set off a "kitchen revolution" in China? Experts say it's only a matter of time.

At present, freeze-dried fruit slices, freeze and instant soups, etc., not only fly on the domestic 13 airlines dozens of first class and crew route table, supermarkets and big cities such as Shanghai and Beijing are also popular. In the foreseeable future, freeze-dried food will have a broader impact on people's lives.

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