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The method of brewing black tea and suitable crowd
Apr 10, 2018

The method of brewing black tea and suitable crowd.

The right brew is often twice as good, tastes better, and tastes healthier. Ordinary instant tea powder can be cold drinks, hot drinks.

Cold drink: water temperature control at 0 ~25, fresh.

Hot drink :70 ~80 hot boiling water, aromatic alcohol.

Water: a small amount of 0.6g tea powder is recommended to brew 200 to 300ml hot water.

Appropriate crowd

The average person can drink.

Suitable for high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, rich food and drunk.

Not suitable for fever, kidney dysfunction, cardiovascular disease, habitual constipation, digestive tract ulcer, neurasthenia, insomnia, pregnant women, lactating women, children.

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