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What are the benefits of freeze-dried lemon ?
Dec 18, 2018
Freeze Dried Lemon.jpgFreeze-dried lemon slices are a type of food that uses vacuum freeze-drying technology, referred to as 'freeze-dried'. It is best to maintain the unique color, aroma, taste, shape and various bio-active nutrients of the fresh lemon fruit. The fragrance is the same as the freshly cut fresh fruit. Freeze-dried lemon slices are rich in vitamins, whitening and blisters, refreshing, and appetizing and fluid.

Under vacuum, using the sublimation principle, the moisture in the pre-frozen food is not melted by the ice, and is directly removed from the ice state into water vapor, thereby drying the food, which is called vacuum freeze-drying, referred to as freeze-drying. The food produced by this method is called freeze-dried food. The real special grade, the main method of processing is the new technology of freeze-drying, the processing method and the taste have direct difference with the ordinary ordinary film, the common drying technology, freeze-dried lemon The film has no astringency and no bitterness. Freeze-dried lemon contain limonin, a very valuable anti-cancer product. It tastes the same as the new fruit. It is very delicious without any honey and other sweet taste. The freeze-dried lemon slices are generally used in aerospace work, not only to best maintain the unique color, fragrance, taste and shape of lemon fresh fruit. With a variety of bioactive nutrients, the scent is the same as the freshly cut fresh fruit. It is rich in essential nutrients such as vitamins and limonin.

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