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What are the characteristics of freeze-dried fruit?
Dec 25, 2018
Freeze Dried Banana.jpgThe freeze-dried fruit is pure natural fresh fruit processed through freeze-drying process. It is purely natural and zero-added. It can preserve the nutrition and taste of the original fresh fruit and has no pesticide residue. The freeze-dried fruit pieces are peeled and nucleated, and they are small molecular structures, which are easier to eat than fresh fruits and absorb nutrients faster.

Freeze-dried fruit is lighter and suitable for carrying around and bagging ready to eat. The shelf life of freeze-dried fruits is longer than that of fresh fruits. The shelf life is generally 18 months, which is not possible with fresh fruits.

Freeze-dried fruit can be crushed into powder and added to baby milk powder rice noodles for more than four months as a milk powder partner to supplement natural vitamins to prevent constipation. Old people and people who have been taking Chinese medicine for a long time can also eat frozen and dried fruit chips. The lyophilized fruit has rehydration and can be reconstituted into fresh fruit in clear water, which is safe to see.

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