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What are the functions of the roselle?
Sep 19, 2018

Roselle flower is a common traditional chinese medicine, the flower of the contain a variety of nutrients that are of great help to human body health, flower also can have a lower blood pressure, antihypertensive effect, can have the effect of a good prevent constipation, flower also can promote the secretion of bile, eliminate the feeling of fatigue is also there will be a big help. For some women who have irregular periods, luoshen hua and promoting the female physiological cycle are also very helpful.


Red roselle has the effect of clearing heat and removing fire, summer drink very corrupt fire, also have profit to the throat, because of sex is cool nevertheless, so physiology period, the woman of gestation period should not try.


Luoshen flower to the intestines and cervical spasm of the effect, can also reduce blood pressure, exorcisms in the body. Nutrition: 0.3% of protein, 0.15% of sugar, 0.1% of fat, vitamin a, c,

Iron, sodium, malic acid.luoshen hua has antipyrexia, hypertension, blood tonic, treatment of liver disease, balance the body's ph. Can eliminate fatigue and constipation, and diuresis, promote the effect of metabolism. Clear heat and quench thirst, clear heart bbb 0, cough, reduce blood pressure, eliminate fatigue.


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