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What is freeze dried apples?
Sep 10, 2018

Theoretically, almost all foods containing water can be freeze-dried. But for some foods that have too much sugar or gelatin, or too cold at the eutectic point, it's relatively difficult to freeze dry. Besides vegetables and fruits, freeze-drying is also easy to preserve dairy products, large chunks of food, and even whole meals.


Compared to other processed fruits, the nutrition of freeze-dried fruit is the closest to that of fresh fruit.  It is also easy to store and transport, and is a very friendly food to merchants.


Although apples can be eaten all year round now, but autumn and winter is the season when all kinds of apples mature and come to market. Usually eaten raw, there are many ways to taste apples.

1.The taste of applesauce is the concentrated essence of apples. Although it is not as crisp as fresh apples, it tastes strong.

2.Dried apples, in the alternative way of eating apples, dried fruit is absolutely an unmissable way.

3.Apple pulp, made from fresh fruit, with elasticity, soft and sweet taste.

4.Freeze-dried apple slices, different from traditional apple slices, dehydrate the apple under the dry and cold conditions, thus maintaining the pure taste and full taste of the apple and their crisp taste.

5.Toasted apple slices, which have a slightly lighter taste than other dried apples because they are cooked.

6.Apple juice, if you want the purest apple juice, use a juicer. Although there are a lot of apple juice on the market, it is inevitable to add some additives to prolong the shelf life.

Freeze Dried Apple

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