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What is the effect of jasmine tea?
Oct 10, 2018

Jasmine tea, also known as jasmine scent, belongs to flower tea, tea embryo is green tea, and the finished product removes jasmine. It is also a kind of green tea, which has a history of more than 1,000 years. The birthplace of the world jasmine tea is fuzhou, fujian. Its tea fragrance and jasmine fragrance are intermingled. It has the reputation of “the taste of jasmine is not the best, and it is listed as the first fragrance in the world”. Jasmine tea is a large-scale product of flower tea, and the production area is vast. High and rich in variety.


Jasmine has xin, gan, liang, qingrejiedu, dampness, soothe the nerves, calming effect, can cure lower abdominal pain, red eyes and swelling, sore swollen poison and other diseases. Jasmine tea not only maintains the bitter and cool effect of tea, but also becomes warm tea due to the processing process. It has a variety of medicines to protect the key, which can remove the discomfort of the stomach, and combine the effect of tea and floral health.


People with gastrointestinal blockage should not drink jasmine tea regularly. Some substances in jasmine can destroy the smoothness of the gastric mucosa. People with bad nerves or high pressure and often insomnia should not drink instant jasmine tea powder frequently, especially if they don't drink tea instant powder before going to sleep at night. Caffeine tea contains caffeine which can make people feel more spiritual and make the brain more excited and unable to fall asleep. People who are also deficient in anemia should not drink jasmine tea frequently. If there are some elements in the flower tea, it can reduce the body's absorption of iron. A patient with severe illness is not suitable for drinking jasmine tea because it causes the body to become weak and cool, which is not conducive to the treatment of the disease.

Instant Jasmine Tea

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