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What's the future of freeze dried corn?
Sep 07, 2018

Freeze dried sweet corn belongs to the field of deep processing of agricultural and sideline products. China's agricultural and sideline products are extremely rich in resources, with many varieties, good quality and low price. Therefore, it is urgently needed to realize value-added by deep processing. On the one hand, there are many kinds of chinese herbal medicines, rare animals and plants in china, which can produce rare freeze-drying products.on the other hand, china's labor intensive, processing costs relatively low. This kind of low-cost freeze-dried food has great attraction to foreign businessmen. It can be said that the development of the freeze-dried food industry will be a good way to realize the value-added of china's agricultural products.


Since food is dry under low temperature and oxygen conditions, the original nutrients of food are almost impervious to any damage, so it is as nutritious as fresh food. In addition, the high dehydration rate of more than 95% also greatly extends the shelf life of this kind of food. In the case of good packaging, freeze-dried food can be stored at room temperature for more than 5 years without preservative, and the weight is extremely light and convenient for transportation.


At present, freeze-dried fruit slices and freeze-dried instant soup not only fly on the first class and crew dining tables of dozens of flights of 13 domestic airlines, but also are popular in supermarkets in big cities like beijing and shanghai. In the foreseeable future, the impact of freeze-dried food on people's lives will be broader.

Freeze Dried Corn

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