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Do You Know The Benefits Of Eating Freeze-dried Fruits And Vegetables?
Apr 10, 2018

1. Freeze-drying is vacuum freeze drying, and the nutritive components of fruits and vegetables are hardly destroyed after processing, and no additives or preservatives are needed.

2. Seasonal fruits and vegetables can be eaten throughout the year (the seasonal fruits and vegetables are poor in taste, high in cost and not suitable for freeze-drying)

3, resistant storage, portable, easy to carry, travel at home or in space, an astronaut in space, a large part is freeze-dried products) freeze-drying is the best food, namely to friends and dine can compensatory nutrition.

4. One kind of food is a variety of ways to eat, a variety of delicious; You can eat it, or you can eat it. You can cook it, stew it, and cook it. For example: pineapple can fry lean meat, durian can stew chicken, corn braised ribs, dragon fruit make sweet soup...

5, suitable for different seasons and different people choose to eat, you can eat more if it is summer, dragon fruit, banana, and other functions of digestible freeze-dried fruit, can eat more if it is winter: durian, such as removing the freeze-dried fruit, kids can eat more corn, beans and vegetables, can solve the problem of children don't like to eat fruits and vegetables.

Set 6, suitable for visiting relatives and friends when, give valuable things to have pressure is not necessarily true, send too ordinary things can't get to abandon also afraid of each other, if send lyophilization is send health, and that it is no doubt in the snack food industry "aristocratic".

7. Freeze-dried fruits and vegetables can increase farmers' income, solve the problem of unmarketable fruits and sell products, and ensure food safety, which is the real interest of the country and the people.

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