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How To Make Freeze-dried Fruit?
Apr 10, 2018


1. Prepare the container, add lukewarm water, add a spoonful of fine salt to cool.

2. Wash, peel and remove apples, slice them, and soak them in light salt water.

3. The mango is peeled with a thin skin knife and sliced open.

4. Place the fruit slices neatly on the dry plate.

5. 135 air dry for about 12 hours.

6. Refrigerate in sealed bag.


1. Use the evening time for air drying, which can save a lot of electricity.

2. The fruits of berries are dried longer, depending on the variety of fruit.

3. The apple is soaked in salt water to prevent blackening. The salty apple slices taste good.

4. Frozen storage can make the fruit slice more crisp.

5, dried fruit is the best solution to fruit flooding.

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