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The Benefits Of Dried Banana Slices
Apr 10, 2018

From the perspective of the nutrition good banana starch is rich in fruits, (should not eat, therefore, tend to get fat) and to analyze from medical Angle, banana flavour gan of cold, heat runchang, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, but diarrhea pixu (spleen deficient) person is unfavorable. There is always a reasonable explanation, the banana cold, according to the principle of "hot cold", the most suitable for the hot people to enjoy. Hemorrhoid haemorrhage, because of dry heat and the fetal movement insecurity, all can eat banana meat. However, because of the banana cold, the constitution of the cold, the best to avoid. For example, the stomach is cold (the stomach is swollen), the cold (diarrhea, easy to faint), nephritis (also belong to deficient cold), the pregnant period foot is swollen, had better not eat raw banana. Food is not eaten until the meat is steamed and the cold is reduced. As for the cold cough should not eat the banana, but the banana steamed and then eat, is acceptable. Folk prescription more useful banana stew sugar, cure long cough; Use a banana to make wine as a diet. Modern medical advice, use banana to treat high blood pressure, because it contains potassium abundant, can balance sodium's bad effect, and promote cell and tissue growth. Use banana to treat constipation, because it can promote stomach to wriggle. The most interesting thing is that researchers in Germany say bananas can be used to treat depression and mood disorders, as it promotes the production of endorphins in the brain. In a word, the body heat can be a banana a day, but if the fear of the banana cold, can choose to eat the plantain (tongbian stronger).

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