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The Benefits Of Frozen Yogurt
Apr 10, 2018

Frozen yogurt is a nutritious and delicious food, which has kept the nutritional characteristics of milk and added its unique advantages. Frozen yogurt is sweet and nutritious, suitable for the special needs of people of all ages. It can be used as an auxiliary food for different dietary structures.

Frozen yogurt: more easily absorbed by the body.

Frozen yogurt, like milk, is high in calcium and a good natural source of calcium. Every 100 grams of frozen yogurt or milk contains about 100 milligrams of calcium, while the same amount of soy milk contains about 10 milligrams of calcium. Compared with other foods rich in calcium, the advantages of frozen yogurt are simple and convenient. Each 100 grams of shrimp skin contains about 990 mg of calcium, while the average adult will eat no more than 10 grams of shrimp and can provide less than 100 mg of calcium. Children can easily drink a small cup of 125 grams of frozen yogurt and get about 120 milligrams of calcium.

Frozen yogurt is a good source of B vitamins, rich in vitamin B2, vitamin B12, choline and so on. They are all small molecular substances essential for normal metabolism of the body. Vitamin B1, B2 and B6 in frozen yogurt are a little more than milk. And every 250 milliliters of frozen yoghurt can provide about 30 percent of your daily needs for vitamin B2, vitamin B12, and pantothenic acid.

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