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The Characteristics And Advantages Of Freeze-drying Technology
Apr 10, 2018

The characteristics and advantages of freeze-drying technology.

Vacuum freeze-drying technology is called freeze-drying technology. The equipment used in this technique is called vacuum freeze dryer or lyophilizer. In the process of the vacuum freeze drying in low temperature environment, at the same time in the process of processing must make the surrounding environment is in a state of high vacuum, so this way of processing high sensitivity to hot and very prone to oxidation problem of material drying, the characteristics of freeze-drying technology and advantages are as follows:

One, it retains the original flavor of the matter and also makes the nutrition of things well protected.

Two, After drying, the product will not lose its original skeleton structure, and can retain the original shape of the material to the maximum extent;

Three, freeze-drying technology processing of material with porous structure, so it has very good water, at the same time, the speed of its soluble in water very fast, in this case the freshness of food also has a good security;

Four, in the process of sublimation can let the precipitation of water soluble substances smoothly, also prevent other drying methods for the moisture of material inside to material surface and make the huge loss of nutrients and inorganic salt, can keep the material on the greatest degree of nutrients;

Five, freeze-dried material is used in the process of production of the vacuum or nitrogen packaging, also can be saved under the condition of light, so this kind of material can take up to five years, compared with those of quick-frozen products do not need transportation storage, this processing method can be very effective to improve the quality of the products.

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