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​The Concept And Process Of Freeze Dried Fruit Slices
Apr 10, 2018

Freeze-dried fruit slices is quick freezing, vacuum dehydration, ice preserves the original color, aroma, taste, nutrition composition and the appearance of the original material, and it has good water, and do not contain any additives, is an ideal natural health food. Maternal and infant freeze-dried food experts philharmonic think freeze-dried fruit slices baidu encyclopedia not covered in the true sense of freeze-dried fruit slices, freeze-dried fruit slices is processed by the technology of aviation freeze-dried has strict requirements on raw materials and processing technology.

Selection of raw materials: the raw materials should be free of decaying, normal color, moderate maturity, moderate hardness, uniform size, and sweet and delicious fresh fruit.

Peeling and slicing: all stainless steel cutting tools are used. The speed should be fast, preventing the raw material from being exposed to the air for a long time, and the slice thickness is 3-5mm.

Loading tray: the raw material is evenly distributed, not stacked.

Freezing: put the fruit slices on the plate in -40 and freeze 6h at low temperature.

Sublimation drying: using vacuum freeze dryer, cold well precooling 30min, then put pre-frozen samples in freeze-drying machine, vacuum to below 10Pa, and heat in 4 sections. 1. Adopt 5 heating heating 120min 2. Use 10 heating to heat 120min 3. Use 20 heating 240min 4.

Packing: after vacuum freeze-drying, the sample is immediately removed and vacuum packed to prevent the long time of freeze-drying from being exposed to air.

Only choose the highest quality raw material producing area and the world's top production technology, in order to ensure the fruit nutrition not to lose the premise, provide the urban white-collar to provide the pure and original delicious food to enjoy

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